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In addition to the academic curriculum, students at Banyan High School also have the ability to sign up for various sports teams and clubs. All athletic activities happen during the designated school hours periodically throughout the year and are either in compliance with other schools similar to Banyan or just within our school. The athletic sports teams and clubs include:

  • Soccer Team
  • Basketball Team
  • Pep Squad
  • Floor Hockey Club
  • Bowling Club
  • Banyan Olympics

Saturday School (Social-4-Life)
Banyan High School believes that students require social experiences beyond those that can be offered in the traditional classroom environment. For that reason, Banyan High School offers the Saturday Enrichment Program (Social-4-Life). The social enrichment program takes place on various Saturdays throughout the school year.  It is an opportunity for children to generalize their social skills learning, become comfortable in various public settings, develop peer relationships, and most importantly – to just have fun!!  Trips have included New York City, Gettysburg, Liberty Science Center, Jackal’s baseball games and Funplex. Other Saturday activities include cooking, sports, and arts and crafts.

Friday Night Activities
In addition to our Saturday Enrichment Program, Banyan High School also offers Friday Night Activities. These various activities offer our students another way to get involved socially and practice the skills learned in social groups. Some examples of the activities that are offered on Friday nights include Banyan Family Dinner Night, bowling, movie night, an overnight at the school, or a school dance.