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The LIFE Academy, for students ages 18-21, is unique in that it has its own facility on the Banyan High School Campus in Little Falls, New Jersey. The LIFE Academy facility consists of a living area where students cook, eat and relax. The upstairs consists of two classrooms where students plan their daily experiences and receive instruction. This modern facility is equipped with the latest technology which includes wireless internet, cable television, smart boards, computers and iPads.

The LIFE Academy allows students, within a supportive environment, to gain the necessary skills required to become responsible adult citizens. Students expand work hours and responsibilities, receive academic support, participate in community-based recreational activities and develop independent living skills. The program is open to current Banyan High School students as well as students from other sending districts. The program also welcomes Banyan students who are 18 years of age but are still currently participating in their senior year. These students participate in specific aspects of the program, which allows them to get a head start on a wide range of career and life skills that the LIFE Academy offers.